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Bairnstrust Corporate Sponsorship

BairnsTrust have made it easier for existing Corpoarte Sponsors and new Sponsors to subscribe online.

2009-10 SPL Advertising for only £100 with BairnsTrust!

BairnsTrust is a democratic, not-for-profit organisation of supporters, committed to strengthening the voice in the decision making process at Falkirk Football Club and enhancing the links between the club and the community it serves.

The organisation reflects all sections of the club’s fan base. It aims to exert influence and aspires to an element of ownership and representation. Other benefits derive from the social activities undertaken.

With Falkirk Football Club retaining their SPL status for the 2009-10 season, it is an exciting time to be involved with the club.

As a Corporate Member your business can benefit from partnership with BairnsTrust in a number of ways:

  1. Entitlement to help shape the future of the Trust and highlight any issues/concerns that your company feel strongly about.
  2. Have your business emblem/logo emblazoned on all BairnsTrust stationery.
  3. Your company emblem to be hosted on the home page of our very popular website. Please see an example of all last season’s satisfied corporate sponsors at
  4. Advertising leaflets/posters for our regular Social Nights can be tailored to include your advert, free of charge.
  5. Your own website hyperlinks can be inserted on all our electronic media, including monthly newsletters to our near 300 strong membership.

Our 3,500+ Falkirk Home fan base and visiting SPL supporters in a potential 6,000, bi-weekly, match day crowd will also view all of the above.

Your membership will span the forthcoming season from 01/08/09 until 31/07/10, whereupon it will be deemed to have lapsed.

If you would like to become a Corporate Sponsor, you can do so by dowloading and completing the application form and returning it to:

Membership Secretary, Sandy Monfries, 122 Union Place, Brightons, Falkirk, FK2 0FH

... allowing us to begin importing your company’s details, along with your payment for £100.00 made payable to BairnsTrust.

Download application form here

Or for more details


Payment by Cheque

Send your completed application form and cheque (made payable to BairnsTrust) to the address shown on the application form.

How to apply or renew your sponsorship

If you would like to join online, we currently accept payments via PayPal - the worlds leading online payment system.

Simply select the option you would like and PayPal will guide you through the process.

Your membership will begin immediately or be automatically renewed

Corporate Sponsorship: £100.00


If you simply wish to enrol as a Personal Member only, the annual membership fee is £5 for all, we regret however that an extra 50p is added due to PayPal fees.


Under-16’years are free to join

Please download, complete and return an Application Form to The Membership Secretary


Please be aware that by law, people under the age of 16 years, cannot vote at Elections. To subscribe, please download an Application Form, complete and forward to BairnsTrust Treasurer.